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About Home Shuttle

Our Mission

At Home Shuttle, we believe that every home deserves beauty and durability without compromise. Founded in Montreal, our mission has been to provide developers and contractors with high-quality, elegant home improvement goods that ensure exceptional finishing touches and long lasting functionality in residential buildings. Today, we are proud to extend our offerings to homeowners and those undertaking small renovations, bringing professional-grade quality into every household.

What We Do

Home Shuttle specializes in manufacturing a comprehensive range of home improvement products including faucets, sinks, toilets, showers, vanities, kitchens, air conditioning units, residential lighting and more! Our commitment to quality is reflected in our rigorous standards and that accompanies every product bearing the Home Shuttle brand.

Our Commitment 

Quality is more than a promise, it's an integral part of every product we create. Our dedication to excellence ensures that whether you are a contractor, a developer, or a homeowner, the hardware you choose will stand the test of time. We stand behind our products with a robust 5-year warranty, because we believe that the best products are those that last.

Affordable Excellence

Our goal is to be recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality at an affordable price. We strive to strike the perfect balance between premium quality and cost-effectiveness, so more homes can enjoy the durability and elegance of Home Shuttle products.

Customer Service

Service is paramount at our company. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer support to ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing helpful, friendly, and efficient assistance, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every interaction.

Join Us 

As Home Shuttle continues to grow and reach new heights, we are eager to welcome new talents to our innovative team. Uncover the synergy of quality and innovation with our team. We look forward to receiving your application and exploring the possibilities together.

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